Sunday, June 13, 2010

2010 Summer Art Festival - Booth Preview

(Kona Sea Turtle (C) Tiner )

This summer, I will be exhibit in a ten week art festival, in Laguna Beach, CA. The show opens on June 25 and runs through August 29, 2010.

Before the show commences, I had to construct a booth to exhibit my work. In order to maximize my space and challenge the traditional methods to display a photograph, I enlarged one of my photographs to 90-square-feet and attached it to the floor.

Throughout the show, attendees will be able to walk on top of the photograph and experience a unique aesthetic perspective. As the Deep Horizon oil spill continually pollutes the Gulf of Mexico, I hope to remind visitors about the importance and fragility of nature.

Below are pictures of my space before and during construction.



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