Friday, June 4, 2010

Google Places

Want to make your business stand out online?

Google Places allows website managers and business owners to add unique functionality to a Google Maps' listing. For example, a business owner can create a unique QR code to feature in their store window. Window browsers can scan the QR code with their smart phone and receive information about the business.

Additionally, a website manager can add a "tag" to their Google Maps' listing. A Google Maps' tag can include a coupon promotion, link to a company website, or announcement about a new product or service. Adding a tag to a Google Maps' listing costs approximately $1.00 per day, which comparatively is inexpensive given the reach of global audience and diverse devices that can view the content.

The example below illustrates the different listings that appear for "auto glass" near Houston, TX, one of four U.S. cities currently testing Google Maps' tags. There are currently three tags that appear more prominently compared to the other online listings. These tags help to capture a viewers limited attention and focuses attention on the company's promoted discount or service.

Although Google Tags is currently only available in four cities, the innovative functionality will allow companies to make their listings appear more prominent in the future.

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