Friday, September 26, 2014

The Tile GPS Tracker - Find Your Keys!

When is the last time you misplaced your keys or wallet? It may have happened this AM or maybe it doesn't have too frequently. Regardless of how many times you lose your belongings, it's always alleviating to quickly relocate them.

In an effort to help keys and belongings be rightfully returned to their owners, Tile, a GPS tracking device, has launched new Bluetooth GPS device to help users locate their belongings. Launched from a Kickstarter campaign last fall, Tile started shipping its device to early founders this summer. I received mine a a month ago and have enjoyed testing it out.

From the past month's experience, here is my initial feedback:

  • Easy to Set-Up: I was able to sync the Title to my phone in a matter for a few minutes.  
  • Connect Multiple Tiles: Users are able to connect up to 8 Tiles to their devices.
  • Seamless Application Interface: The iOS application's interface is clean and easy to navigate. 
  • Helpful: I did use Tile once to locate my keys, which were in my front door.

  • Novelty: Although, I did user the application once to locate my keys, the other two times I used the application was to demonstrate how it worked.  
  • Size: Although the size is slightly larger than a quarter, it's still fairly large and cannot fit comfortably in other personal items, such as a wallet.  
  • Volume: The alarm sound of the keys is still fairly quiet, which requires users to be close by when the keys are in locate mode. 
  • Lifespan: This is my largest complaint, as the Tile is only guaranteed to last one year. It may be part of Tile's business model to encourage users to repurchase each year. However, if I only use the functionaly once or twice during the year, I may not renew. If electronic car keys are able to work for 8-10 years without replacing the batery, the same technology should work be integrated into the Tile to increase the product's life cycle.
  • Not Waterproof: If you accidentally wash your jeans and your Tile is in your pants, you're out of luck!

If you are interested in checking out the Tile for yourself, get yours here.

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