Monday, March 30, 2015

The Why versus the What

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It is easy to focus on a goal without understanding the reason behind the goal. If you don’t focus on the motivation behind accomplishing the goal, then it can be a struggle to set in motion the plans and initiatives to accomplish the goal. For example, your goal may be to run a half marathon, but if there is no why; it may be harder to push forward with accomplishing the goal. However, if the goal is to run a half marathon to raise money for a charity, lose weight or increase distance from the last race run, then it can become a lot easier to step forward with running the half marathon.

The why behind our goals is as equally as important as the what. In the case of the workcation, the why may be to spend more time with family, take a break from TV or your cell phone, or not feel like a rat in a rat race. No matter you why, just spend some time thinking about the reason or the reasons why you need a workcation. If you don’t truly understand your reasons, then you are doing something just to do it, and the feeling of accomplishment will not be the same as if you had a clear and defined reason.

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