Monday, April 13, 2015

How to Make your Own Workcation

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Experiencing your own workcation simply doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a little time to plan, prepare, and get ready for your first experience. The simple steps below are to help you make the most of your experience and help you appreciate each and every workcation moving forward.

Write it down: The easiest way to start your workcation is to write it down. You may already know what you want it to be or you may have a list of several workcations that you would like to explore. If your list is long, you may need to prioritize it to help you focus. There is a magical element that happens when we write something down. It becomes tangible, brings to fruition the ideas and life and helps us rationally explore something we may just be thinking about.

Research additional ideas: You may think you have the best idea for a workcation, but there are other ideas that may be available. Spending time on family, travel and outdoor websites and blogs can help stimulate new ideas to explore and pursue. Additionally, social media sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram, may help bring to life other ideas that you can explore during a workcation. Searching particular hashtags on Instagram, such as your location or a particular theme, may introduce new ideas to explore. For example, after spending time on Instagram searching the hashtag #CrystalCove, I saw pictures of backpackers in the local area. Seeing remote pictures of tents in the local state park, inspired me to pursue and plan a local backpacking trip with friends. Prior to seeing the hashtagged images, I wasn’t familiar with the possibility of backpacking less than 10 miles from my house and after doing the research and seeing the images, it brought for a new opportunity to add to my workcation list.

Prioritize & Schedule it: We are all busy. Ten years from now, we will even be busier. Each year, as we accept more responsibility and advance in our life path, it seems there are more commitments and obligations for our time. No matter what is thrown our way, it’s important to find time to relax and enjoy some personal time pursuing the activities that interest you. Your calendar may already be planned out for the next three, five or ten months. However, marking off a few hours, one night or even a couple of nights now for the activity of your choice, will help make your workcation a reality. Scheduling has two powerful impacts. It gives your something to look forward to and gives your workcation plans a timeframe to help make it a reality. The goal is to plan your strategic downtime, in order to have the workcation ready for you to take advantage of it.  

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