Monday, April 20, 2015

Ideas for a “Workcation”

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      Workcations don’t need to be elaborate and require a lot of money to enjoy. From enjoying a picnic in a park to taking a stroll along a hiking path, workcations are meant to get outside and enjoy nature, while unplugging from technology and connecting with others around them. Below are some additional workcation ideas to help you make the most of your experiences and share a range of opportunities for workcationers of all budget levels!

Low-Cost Workcations Ideas:
Takeout picnic in park. Instead of eating at that fast food restaurant or quickly in your car, take a few moments and enjoy your next takeout meal at a park.

Walk along beach. You may be geographically restricted to this, but if you leave near a beach, take advantage of it! Ditch the work shoes, socks, and enjoy the soothing feeling of sand beneath your toes.

Visit a Lake. Not a beach fan? Check out your local lake. Maybe you dust off your old fishing pole, bring some bread to feed the ducks, or just take a few moments to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Hike a trail. You may be surprised how many nature, walking, and hiking trails exist in your area. Check out or for a comprehensive list of excellent hiking trails.

Mountain bike ride. Riding takes some coordination and endurance, but if you are feeling brave, check out a local riding trail.

Volunteer at a charity. Although this may be considered “work,” volunteering at a local charity may be a refreshing give back and integrate a philanthropic element to your life.

Medium-Cost Workcations Ideas:
Overnight camping adventure. Most campsites cost anywhere from $15-50/night and require advance reservations. If you are planning on camping during the summer, plan early!

Athletic lesson, such as a standup paddle board lesson. Check the daily deal sites, such as Groupon or Living Social, to help save money and find the best deals in your area.

High Cost Workcations:

Rent a RV. Kick up your camping adventure and trade your tent for an RV. You may find yourself tempted to stay plugged in, but the RV can at least provide some more shelter, allow you to enjoy an overnight workcation in all seasons, and have a kitchen for meal preparation. 

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