Monday, May 18, 2015

More Lessons From #Workcation

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What moments in our life, will we remember when we are old? …Will we see our entire life flash before our eyes in a 20-30 seconds shortly before we pass away? ...What moments from that montage will we remember? More than likely, it will not be the time we spent working away in our office or cubicle. It will not be the moments spent inching away in the rush hour traffic or the time folding laundry and cleaning house. More than likely, we will remember the times we spent with our friends and family. It will be the individual accomplishment share with ourselves, family members, and friends that we will cherish, revere, and remember. 

There are various professional, romantic, and life milestones in life. Professional milestones, such a high school graduations, getting a first job acceptance letter, or a promotion are milestones that make our feel accomplished. Romantic milestones, such as a first kiss, a wedding, and new childbirths, make us feel complete and loved. Family milestones, such as annual thanksgiving dinners and holiday family photos, make us feel whole and part of something bigger thank ourselves. Lastly, rich life experiences, such as eating ice cream on a hot summer day, watching Fourth of July fireworks, learning to ride a bike,  going sky diving, running a marathon, completing an Ironman, or learning a new language make us feel accomplished, because we are push ourselves forward and expanding our understandings. All of these new experiences enhance our outlook on life and help develop our innate ability to move forward. When we pass away or slip closer to our deaths, I feel it will be romantic, family, and rich life moments that we will remember and share with our loved ones.

It’s amazing that as I started to take workcations, my eyes were opened more of my surroundings and the world around me. As I wanted to go hiking or mountain bike more frequently after work, I discovered new trails in my local vicinity. Part of me felt childish for not discovering these trails sooner in life, but part of me also felt rewarded for discovering them. As I continued to see expand my local horizons, my focus also started to shift internationally. My thirst to experience new and deeper life experience increased. I started to pursue vacation ideas that were on my bucket list. My bucket list started to transform into an accomplished list. I took my vacation time for a real vacation and ventured to places like Thailand and Italy. My travels were fueled by lifestyle decisions I had made earlier in life to save more money, generate more passive income, and ultimately explore more of the world around me. 

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