Monday, May 4, 2015

Workcation is the New Norm for Retirement

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Retirement sounds boring and in many cases unfeasible. Are we really expected to stop work completely and resort to a life of relaxation? On the flip side, why do we have to wait until we retire in order to have the freedom to pursue our passions? Let me pop the bubble of waiting until you have worked 30 years and are living off fixed income in order to start living your dreams. If we continue to live a balanced life and enjoy workcations at your discretion, we will be able to enjoy a balanced and accomplished life now, instead of waiting for a lifetime to pass.

                If you are planning to wait for retirement to enjoy your free time or afternoon, just how prepared are you? Several studies have found many Americans are not prepared for retirement. In fact, The Federal Reserve shared in 2014 that just under one-third of US households reported having no retirement savings or pension, including approximately 20% of households aged 55 to 64. The study also found that out of the people who have started to plan for retirement, 25% don’t feel that they will have enough to pay for their monthly expenses. Our culture has been engrained to work hard and spend hard. The focus on saving has shifted to the immediate satisfaction of spending in the moment to provide for our current lifestyles. As we start to plan our lives and plan out future interests, such as workcations, we can start to plan for the future as well as be okay with working for an extended period of time. It’s a cold hard fact that many of us will have to work well into our 60’s and even longer to provide for ourselves. However, if we enjoy workcations along the way, it will help make our daily lives more enjoyable as we are able to experience and enjoy life in the moment.

                When I had my bicycle accident, I realized that life is just too precious to spend it working the entire time. I want the ability to travel and do anything at will. However, part of me also enjoyed work. I enjoyed the team collaboration, being part of something bigger than myself, seeing progress in the advancement of a company, and achieving goals. I realized that work fulfilled me as much as taking time off. It was the balance of both that brought satisfaction to my life.

As we continue to advance at various stages in our life, it’s important to realize the importance of finding balance in yours. The reality is many of us will not be the next Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, or Elon Musk. And, if we do have the foresight, strength, and aptitude to become one of these elite revolutionary business minds, the reality is we will more than likely continue to work hard and not retire. These business leaders all have enough money to stop working completely, but it’s the pursuit of exploration and creativity that drives them. They are able to pursue their individual and company goals, while finding time to relax during their busy work schedules. In fact, some of these leaders have been known to take breaks during their workweek to pursue athletic escapades, such as sailing extended distances, running marathons, or enjoying outdoor festivals, such as Coachella and Burning Man. The key is that they have found balance and are taking their own workcations in the midst of their lives.

           How are your life goals shaping up? Do you want to pursue outdoor pursuits? Do you want to work for the rest of your life? Well, phrased like that it may sound like an endless pursuit. However are you ready to work to accomplish your goals while finding time to balance and pursue your lifestyle goals? If you are, you are ready to explore a workcation and take full advantage to what life has to offer.

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