Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cidney Dutton

(Cidney Dutton, Stylized Portrait by Tiner).

Congrats to Cidney Dutton, a fellow Trojan, for all her professional accomplishments.

B is for Bentley

(Bentley Continental Commission (C) Tiner)

(Bentley Arnage Commission (C) Tiner)

Occasionally, I am commissioned to photograph custom car collections and create photographic montages. These are personal favorites.

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Life Goes On! (New Orleans, LA)

(9th Ward, 6 Months after Hurricane Katrina (2006), (C) Tiner).

(9th Ward, 6 Months after Hurricane Katrina (2006), (C) Tiner).

(9th Ward, 6 Months after Hurricane Katrina (2006), (C) Tiner).

(9th Ward, 6 Months after Hurricane Katrina (2006), (C) Tiner).

(Tulane University, Re-Opening (2006)).

(Enjoying Life with Sasha, a Miss Teen Mississippi Candidate, and her friend Jamie (2006)).

(Hurricane Katrina inspired Mixed Media (2006), (C) Tiner).

From Laguna Beach, CA to Providence, RI, I spent a week before my final semester at Brown University driving cross-country. In January 2006, I drove along Route 10 and stopped in New Orleans, LA to support the people and help revitalize the economy with my tourism.

One afternoon, I ventured out alone to the 9th Ward to see the damage. It was a really intense and humbling experience. From a first-hand perspective, I saw the wreckage from the hurricane and looters. I saw people attempting to salvage remaining possessions from their houses. I also saw hired security men attempting to remove some of these people from their condemned homes.

It was a sad reflection of America's current condition. Here I was 6 months, post-Katrina and a huge portion of the cleanup had not even happened. Our country had over extended itself and neglected the core of the American people. Americans were fighting to protect our nation in international countries, yet thousands of Americans were stranded without even the basics of running water and permanent shelter. While friends back home were enjoying the waves of the California coastline, New Orleans residents were really struggling with their wave of destruction.

...I'm glad that countless volunteers traveled to this region to help restore the condition of New Orleans and Mississippi.

...And as the cliché holds true goes on. Although, I saw countless destruction, I also saw hope. I spent an afternoon at Tulane University welcoming back the students who were displaced from the damage and also playing "tourist" with Sasha Williamson, a Miss Teen Mississippi candidate, and her friend Jamie. Despite the mountain of grief in the area, it was refreshing to see the hope in the city.

Two years latter, I'm glad that the city is moving forward and is returning to full health.

In the words of the people....

('s opinion of "Faces").

Yesterday, I discovered KK's opinion of my original "Faces" Series. In her words, "I saw the photo- which he created through a digital process, and thought it was really cool. I learned more by checking out his blog and then his website. I am really impressed by his artistry as well as his reasoning for doing the series."

I agree that a minority of the people were a little confused about the series at first, because I purposely selected some people that I did not know to well. I wanted to reflect upon how anyone can access information that is posted online. From old girlfriend's parents to company recruiters, you never really "know" who is viewing your social profile in this Web 2.0 era. Additionally, I desired to connect faces digitally as a reflection for the serendipity of social networks.

Overall, my Faces series continues to be successful and I receive daily requests for personal stylized portraits.

Thanks again for the response and if you live in the DC area I would encourage you to check out KK's blog which is full of cool events and happenings in Washington DC.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Love

(Bob Marley, Stylized Portrait by Tiner).

Special Thanks to ...Tom Carroll

(Tom Carroll enjoying life and signing Sean's photographs)

(Tom Carroll and Anthony Tashnick,
photograph (c) Sean Tiner)

(Tom Carroll, photograph (c) Sean Tiner)

A special thanks to Tom Carroll for recently signing my photographs. I always enjoy reconnecting with the surfers, athletes and people that I artistically capture.

Peaceful Pipeline: Rob Machado

(Rob Machado, Photographic Montage, Pipeline, Oahu (C) Tiner).

Machado always makes it look so easy and peaceful.

Los Angeles Philharmonic

(Enjoying the LA Phil (wearing one of my ties))

Special thanks to BC for the two complimentary orchestra tickets to the LA Philharmonic last night. My mother and I really enjoyed the evening and ambiance of Frank Gehry's building. I was really impressed by the acoustical range and diverse talent of the musicians. Thanks again.


(Hibiscus, photograph (C) Sean Tiner).

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Live the Dream

(Live the Dream, Photographic Montage (c) Sean Tiner).

Sex and Cool Sell. ...If you read this much it worked.

Brandweek Interview

Last Wednesday, I had my interview with the West Coast Bureau Chief of Brandweek Magazine. I shared my insights on Web 2.0 and tips for college graduates looking for jobs in the marketing/advertising workplace.

I look forward to sharing the article when it is published in the near future.

Art Brewer Charity Event

(Art Brewer & Sean Tiner).

(The crowd enjoying Brewer's presentation).

Last night, I was honored to meet Art Brewer, one of the most prominent and well-respected photographers in the industry. I enjoyed chatting with Art who even complimented me on some of my artwork. It was really encouraging and exciting to hear this praise from this artistic master.

The charity event was held at the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente, CA . Brewer presented a slide show with over 100 of his photographs spanning from the 1960s to present. The presentation was perfectly
choreographed to iconic surfing music and Brewer's insights, a reflection of the artistic shadow he legendarily casts over the sport.

Fun Discovery

('s Jon with a print of Sean's work.)

I randomly found a blog that had an entry about my artwork. It's exciting to see the appreciation for my artistic endeavors spread through the Internet.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Day Reef Made HISTORY: A Photo Retrospective

(Reef Mcintosh Pipeline, Oahu, Photograph (C) Sean Tiner).

(Reef Mcintosh surveying the surf a day before the swell, Pipeline, Oahu, Photograph (C) Sean Tiner).

(Reef Mcintosh Pipeline, Oahu, Photograph (C) Sean Tiner).

(Reef Mcintosh, "Ride of the Year," Pipeline, Oahu, Photograph (C) Sean Tiner).

(Reef Mcintosh & Sean Tiner, Pipeline, Oahu)

(Reef Mcintosh & The Crew, shortly after he captured his "Ride of the Year," Pipeline, Oahu, Photograph (C) Sean Tiner).

(Reef Mcintosh, "Ride of the Year," Pipeline, Oahu, Photograph (C) Sean Tiner).

(Reef Mcintosh, reflecting, Pipeline, Oahu, Photograph (C) Sean Tiner).

As Reef often jokes, "My fun not your fun," which summarizes the courage of the Pipeline Posse. This select group of big wave surfers stay on the beach when the average surfer is catching waves ...only when it is big enough and they average surfer stays on the beach, do they paddle out.

Last year, I was fortunate to be at the Quiksilver house on Hawaii's North Shore. I was supposed to return to California on February 15, but there was rumored to be a big swell hitting on the same day I postponed my flight a day. :)

....Fortunately, the forecast was right and created the perfect conditions for Reef Mcintosh to capture his "Ride of the Year." It was incredible to watch Reef paddle into the monstrous face and calmly surf through the barrel.

Several photographers captured this ride and it was published in a few magazines. However, I hope my behind-the-scenes photos provide a unique perspective to Reef's accomplishments.

Self-Portrait (2006)

( Sean Tiner w/artwork (2006), self-portrait, photo credit: Henry Plant).

B. Burdick Rippin' Creek

(Brad Burdick, Photograph Montage (c) Tiner).

My friend, Brad Burdick rippin' Salt Creek, CA.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the hoopsters of USC for inviting me to join their pickup basketball game yesterday afternoon. ...And quickly reminding me where I belong the pool ;)

Epic Art: American Currency = Monopoly Money

(A Contemporary Reflection of The American (C) Note, Epic Art)

(A Contemporary Reflection of The American (C) Note (Newport Beach, CA))

With light crude oil trading around $118 USD a barrel and the American dollar trading almost on par with the Australian and Canadian dollar (as of today), I'm using this time to reflect on the current state of the American economy.

I remember a time, when the American Dollar traded higher then the Euro and gasoline was under $1.00 USD a gallon. ...No, this was not the 1990s, this was only 6 years ago. I used to enjoy the "bargains" found in European countries and being able to fill up my gasoline tank in high school with only $20 USD.

...Now the tables have turned. We live in an era where venture capitalists have dramatically inflated the oil futures market (light crude oil traded at less then $70 USD a barrel a year ago) (see oil futures chart). ...And Europeans are now enjoying the "bargains" found in America. ...Even America's northern neighbors are enjoying incredible purchasing power in the States. ...How "abut" that?

This stylized art piece of Monopoly Money is a symbolic metaphor for the current state of the American (C) Note. The piece was installed in the heart of Newport Beach, CA, near the 405 Interstate. The goal is to challenge people's thinking on their work commute they go off to earn more American "monopoly" dollars.

I hope that whatever candidate wins the 2008 election, he or she helps to strengthen our currency and reconstruct "relationship" bridges with other countries.

Orange County, CA Sunrise

(Orange County, CA, Photograph (c) Tiner).

I've photographed countless sunsets, but I can still count the amount of sunrises I've captured on one hand. This morning, I was fortunate to capture this moment as the sun is slowly escalating over Saddleback Mountain.

I enjoy the perspective, because it conveys the natural terrain of Orange County, CA: a landscape that is continually shrinking as the population exponentially increases.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Epic Art: Forward-Thinking

Early tomorrow morning the next installment of my Epic Art Series hits the streets. ...Somewhere, sometime in Orange County, CA.

Click here to check out last week's piece.

Pete Carroll: Paying it Forward

(Sean & Pete Carroll)

One of my brother’s goals was to pursue his undergraduate studies at The University of Southern California (USC). Although his life was tragically cut short, my family was fortunate to have his dream formally acknowledged at his memorial in 2004. At his funeral our pastor informed my family that on our behalf he had contacted USC and told them about my brother’s dream. The admissions office said that my brother embodied USC's character, spirit and would have been an excellent candidate. An admissions dean then contacted Coach Carroll who mailed our pastor an autographed football with the words “Fight On! In Memory of Mark Tiner.” The football was presented to me at the memorial and stands as my most cherished possession.

The words “Fight On! In memory of Mark Tiner” have helped me endure different stages of grief. They remind me about the goals, passion and energy that my brother exemplified. The slogan “Fight on,” helps me battle through the agonizing stages of grief and reminds me that it is possible to endure, survive and persevere through the physical and emotional loss of a loved one.

(Peter Carroll, Stylized Portrait by Tiner).

Although I'm now a graduate student at USC on my own accord, I'm glad my brother's dream can vicariously live through me. It also refreshing that my brother's memory continues to impact others through the memorial scholarships established by the community in his honor. Thank you so much for your unconditional support.

Thanks again to Pete Carroll for continually finding time to support so many people in the Los Angeles comunity.

To learn more about Pete, visit

I would also check encourage you to check out: A Better LA.

Impossible is Nothing...

(Reef, Pipeline, Mixed Media/Photograph (C) Tiner).

Myspace 2.0

I just updated my MYSPACE PAGE with a fresh look for the Summer. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Austin Healey: ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!

(Austin Healey Commission (C) Tiner)

Occasionally, I am commissioned to photograph custom car collections and create photographic montages. This is a personal favorite.

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USC Basketball Try-Out Invitation

(Copy of the card given to me by one of the USC coaches).

...Yesterday, I was invited to try out for next year's USC basketball team (to join the practice squad). ...Only to discover that I do not have any more collegiate eligibility, because I used all of my four years while playing two years of water polo at Brown.

A Web 2.0 Version of Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon Model

(Jeremy Bentham's 1785 Panopticon Model, courtesy of Wikipedia).

Pleasure, Resistance & Social Control

Web 2.0 continues to accelerate and transform the landscape of contemporary communication. Friends are able to stay in touch via social networks.

Distances are eroded. Old friends are reunited.
Acquaintances become friends. Romances are sparked.

...It's become a personal tabloid for Gen-Y. ...Your uncool if you don't have one and your uncool if you talk about it in the "real world." ...It would be odd to say that I " poked" you during dinner.

In 1785, the English Philosopher Jeremy Bentham illustrated the Panopticon Model. According to Wikipedia, "the concept of the design is to allow an observer to observe (-opticon) all (pan-) prisoners without the prisoners being able to tell whether they are being watched, thereby conveying what one architect has called the 'sentiment of an invisible omniscience.' Bentham himself described the Panopticon as 'a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example' " (2008).

In Michel Foucault's Discipline & Punish, Foucault used the Panopticon Model as an extended metaphor for modern "disciplinary" societies and its underlying motivation to "observe and normalize." Foucault believed that not only prisons but all "hierarchical structures," including the armed services, educational facilities and factories evolved out of Bentham's model.

Flash forward 30 years from Foucault and the current social networks of some Web 2.0 sites are similar to Bentham's Panopticon Model. Social networks allow for pleasure, entertainment and ease of communication. However, some of the sites also convey the key elements of social control illustrated by Bentham in 1785. ....Take my recent expulsion by Big Brother.

(A Web 2.0 Version of Jeremy Bentham's 1785 Panopticon Model, created by Tiner).

The websites that will continue to succeed in Web 2.0 and beyond are the ones that erode Bentham's Panopticon Model. Kudos to Myspace and Youtube for allowing open communication and not enforcing stringent social control on its users. ...Imagine if Youtube deleted a video, because an administrator thought that it was NOT funny or Myspace deleted the profiles of Tila Tequila or Forbidden for accumulating too many "e-friends."