Sunday, March 30, 2008

Forward-Thinking: The Future of USC Academics

Ernest J. Wilson III, Ph.D., recently joined USC's Annenberg School for Communication as Dean and Walter Annenberg Chair in Communication. Dean Wilson brings decades of diverse international experience to The University of Southern California.

One of Dean Wilson's new goals is to create a joint Masters of Communication Management (MCM) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree program between The Annenberg School for Communication and The Marshall School of Business.

On Thursday, as I was going to class after Annenberg's Annual Career Fair, I approached Dean Wilson and was invited to join a panel discussion for the proposed duel-degree program.

Since I have commenced my graduate studies last fall, I have taken one second-year MBA marketing course each semester. Although my academic experience at Marshall is not comprehensive of the school's offerings, I still realize the importance of the visionary duel-degree program. Marshall classes tend to place their emphasis on learning from case studies and how to maximize return on investments. This education creates a firm foundation for creating business in the twenty-first century.

However as international borders exponentially shrink, it is crucial to have a theoretical and cultural understanding of diverse communication practices. In my opinion, Annenberg provides its students with a cultural, psychosocial and theoretical outlook, without engaging in exhaustive business models that are crucial to understand in this competitive world.

I feel that Wilson's proposed duel MCM/MBA program will bridge the academic strengths from both schools and better prepare students for business in the twenty-first century.

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