Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the words of the people....

('s opinion of "Faces").

Yesterday, I discovered KK's opinion of my original "Faces" Series. In her words, "I saw the photo- which he created through a digital process, and thought it was really cool. I learned more by checking out his blog and then his website. I am really impressed by his artistry as well as his reasoning for doing the series."

I agree that a minority of the people were a little confused about the series at first, because I purposely selected some people that I did not know to well. I wanted to reflect upon how anyone can access information that is posted online. From old girlfriend's parents to company recruiters, you never really "know" who is viewing your social profile in this Web 2.0 era. Additionally, I desired to connect faces digitally as a reflection for the serendipity of social networks.

Overall, my Faces series continues to be successful and I receive daily requests for personal stylized portraits.

Thanks again for the response and if you live in the DC area I would encourage you to check out KK's blog which is full of cool events and happenings in Washington DC.

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KK said...

You're awesome! Thanks again, I love you have successfully demonstrated the bridge between technology and art regardless of geographic definition... ;-) Its a small world after all...