Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quick Thoughts About The Current "Recession"

Over ten years ago, my hometown of Laguna Beach, CA had a tragic firestorm. Over 200 homes burned down, including my grandparent's house. It was really painful to watch and took several years to rebuild. However, the community found a way to survive and the town is now flourishing, stronger then ever.

In the same way that the current "recession" is bringing hardships to families and businesses across the nation, America must find a way to survive. If I tell you a joke once and you laugh, I'm satisfied. If I tell you the same same joke tomorrow, I will not expect you to laugh as much. In the same way that you cannot repeat a joke and expect the same outcome, businesses must look for innovative ways to survive and rebuild from this economic "firestorm." New advertising messages and creative ways to market products will bring success for companies looking to "rebuild" from this economic downturn and survive.

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