Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A view from the bottom (SPITTING CAVES, Oahu)

(Kirk jumping at Spitting Caves, Oahu, (c) Tiner).

Spitting Caves, Oahu. is one of the most intense cliff jumps that I know about (about 45-50 ft.). It's intimidating, because you only see a small section of the ocean, when you are thinking about the jump from above. Additionally, there are memorial plaques at the top to quickly remind you about your mortality.

I jumped first let go of my fear of heights and experience complete freedom. ...This photograph is of my friend Kirk who is jumping from the top. The quality of the image is poor, because it is taken with a disposable waterproof camera. You can barely make him out (right below the house at the top of the image). However, it gives you a unique perspective of the cliff. Enjoy.

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