Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are these Guys for Real?

If you spend time on Youtube, you may have stumbled upon the "My Sex Dreams" video series. Immediately, you may be thinking ...Hot girls? Sex? Sweet! or ...How does Youtube allow porn on its website?

Well, first of all it's not porn. If you have the patience to sit through a movie (and some have over a million of views), you'll discover that it's two average guys bragging about how good they are at World of Warcraft (WOW), a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with over 10 million subscribers.

The commentator's swearing and bizarre antics illustrate some of Gen-Y's desire for stimuli and self-gratification. The movie series provides the voice that rests within the average WOW player. But do the series' million views convert to traffic on the promoted website, randyrun.com? ...Not so much. According to www.compete.com, randyrun.com only averaged a little over 1-thousand people last month or approximately a .001 conversion rate.

Yes, the movies promote awareness and knowledge for randyrun.com, but what's the long term sustainability of this model? The promoted website is not receiving substantial traffic and is the average WOW player purchasing the products on the website?

The "My Sex Dreams" Youtube series is simply another Lonelygirl15 model: where the needs are satiated, but not created. Yes, it may work in the short-term. But how sustainable is it? ...Remember Jennicam? Probably not, but ten years ago it was the third most visited site on the Internet. ...Do you think we will be discussing the "My Sex Dreams" videos, ten ...five ...even one year from now?

How does a hot girl appear on each Youtube video for the "My Sex Dreams" video series? ...Well when Youtube compresses your movie, it takes a screenshot of the center image of your video. So if you have an image of a hot girl in the exact center of your movie, it will display this as the movie's thumbnail.

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