Friday, June 20, 2008

Going Sideways? ...STOP!

(Jeff Bezos, portrait by Tiner).

Mark Twain once wrote, "the experience of life (not of books) is the only capital usable in such a book." There are many obstacles to publishing a book. You have to convince a literary house or agent that your book is worth reading, publishing and most importantly marketable. Remember Sideways?

The barriers to publishing are now easier. ...In fact, they are leveled. In the same way that Itunes and Youtube rocked the music and movie industries, Jeff Bezos is editing the typos out of the literary world. Thanks to Kindle and the Digital Text Platform, anyone can publish a book (well at least an electronic version). But who cares, if it is only electronic? We live in a Go-Green era after all, right?

Bezos' Digital Text Platform edits the publishing house out of the final draft. The proceeds are split between Amazon and the author. Who needs the middle man anymore? ...Publishing houses will still exist, but for first time authors publishing is now a reality.

If you don't think people are purchasing Kindle, think again. In fact, the product is receiving enough attention that Seth Godin is is talking about it. ...And I'm sure Oprah will jump on the bandwagon soon.

Is this going to rewrite the publishing world, the same way that Napster and Itunes rocked their industries? Well, time will tell. But, we can now focus on putting the "experience of life" into the books and not worry about going sideways.

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