Monday, June 16, 2008

The Presidential "Cool" Factor

(The Future American President, stylized portrait by Tiner).

Just how "cool" is John McCain? Well, lets take a look. He has over 55 thousand Myspace friends. Yes, that's kinda cool ...but Obama has over 390 thousand.

Okay, so this is not a popularity contest. Well, lets take a look at his website. Today, McCain is offering a Father's Day Golf Pack, if you donate $50 dollars. ...First of all, I thought Father's Day was yesterday?

And, I'm sure Dad would really "impress" his friends with a shiny new set of golf balls. How many people that McCain is promising to "help," actually golf? ...If he is promising to help Americans with lower gas prices, I'm sure these same people really enjoying driving to golf course and using their disposable income to play.

Wouldn't you rather give your Dad a cool piece of art? Thanks Obama.

It must be cool, since it's sold out.

Okay, so McCain joined the Go Green bandwagon and is offering 20 eco-friendly products. Don't you think that offering one or two would be eco-friendly? Why does he need to create 20 eco-friendly products? Isn't that counter-intuitive?

(How "cool" does this McCain Shirt look?)

McCain's eco-friendly store first four offerings are polo shirts. How "cool" will it be sporting an eco-friendly polo shirt? Once again, we are staying with the golf theme. Is that "really cool?"

Does McCain have a hot girl endorsing him on Youtube? Maybe, but she is probably wearing a one of his "cool" golf shirts. ....And I imagine that she does not compare to ObamaGirl, which has over 8.7 million views to date on Youtube.

Well, if you think that content and "cool" do not produce results, think again. As of today, McCain's website is ranked 2,304 in the US. Okay, that's kinda cool. ....But Obama's is ranked 364 (according to Alexa). ...I think Obama wins the "cool" factor.

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