Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here’s an idea for you …Facebook & Myspace

Here’s an idea for you …Facebook & Myspace.

Imagine if you can make money of your social networking profile? The same way that application and website developers (and bloggers) monetize their websites with small pay per click advertisements.

Blogspot and .mac accounts already allow individuals to easily incorporate Google’s Adsense advertisements into their websites. According to Google's 2007 Annual Report, the company earned a total of $16,512.6 (million USD) of total advertising revenue and 5,787.9 (million USD) from Google's Network of partner web sites (individuals and companies who make money from posting Google's ads on their websites).

(Google's 2007 Annual Report, screen shot of advertising revenue)

Doesn’t register? …Well to make it clear and simple, I make money from this blog (see the advertisements at the top). Not much at this point (in fact, it doesn’t pay to fill up my SUV these days), but nonetheless it’s still money. Although, I blog as a medium to share my artwork and ideas, I also enjoy knowing that I can earn a little pocket change from it. It’s an incentive to post more content, the same way that incorporating it into online profiles will be an incentive post fresh and new content. ...Why do you think Perez Hilton is constantly posting content on his blog? Yes, he is keeping us informed about our favorite celebrities, but he is also making money. ...And a good deal these days.

3 Key Benefits To Incorporate Advertisements On Social Networks:
-Increase user activity
-Encourage users to post more content
-Encourage constant updates

Last year, Facebook allowed open source application development. As of today, there are currently over 27,000 applications added to the site. Each of these application developers has the option of incorporating advertisements into their application. ...and the popular ones are generating thousands of dollars each day.

...When will the gatekeepers of popular social networking sites, including Facebook and Myspace, open up the option of incorporating advertisements into our profiles? ...I imagine whatever site does first, will receive a lot of first-mover advantage recognition from the media.

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