Thursday, June 19, 2008

Viva La Musica!

(Coldplay, portrait by Tiner).

Viva La Musica!

Viva La Coldplay!

With the music industry ailing in Web 2.0, Coldplay is the new harmonic elixir. The release of their latest CD, Viva La Vida, highlights the importance of integrating free content with new product distribution. The band strategically allowed fans to sample new songs on their website and then provided radio stations with the entire album. This all happened before the CD was released for purchase. What? Give away your product before the release date? This idea may even cause Ms. Jackson to have a wardrobe malfunction.

However instead of being exposed, Coldplay sold over 300,000 Units on its release date and even surpassed Jack Johnson's record on Itunes for most songs downloaded in a single day. You mean people are willing to pay for content, after it is provided for free? I'm sorry, Ms. Jackson, but times have changed.

Coldplay's distribution model highlights the importance of creating buzz via free content. The band spent no money allowing fans to sample songs on their website, which consequentially created brand ambassadors. Coldplay became the honey and we were the bees, creating buzz.

If Coldplay's momentum continues, the band will have the biggest record for the music industry in years. Viva La Coldplay! Viva La Musica! Viva La Revolution!

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