Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blending up big results

Stirring it up, Blendtec's successful viral marketing campaign illustrates how an ordinary company can blend big results. A household consumer product is a challenge to market, especially because it's not a glamorous luxury good or a product that augments a person's beauty.

A company can always select a cute animal to be the product's spokesperson. Think of the success of Geico's Gecko or Aflack's Duck. ...Did we know these companies existed before the introduction of these mascots? Using a lovable animal is an excellent strategy to create awareness and knowledge for a company, but does it really highlight the features of a product? Can you actually remember how much on insurance you will save with either of these companies? Then again, a company can always us an attractive person to endorse a product, but what will the audience focus on? ...the product? ...or the model?

Thinking outside the blender, Blendtec's Total Blender is serving up a full glass of marketing results. Using Youtube, the company's engineers are humorously testing the blender's durability. From blending Chuck Norris action figures to the Iphone, Blendtec's Youtube movies convincingly demonstrate the product's strength and durability. Unlike traditional television commercials, viewers can watch the Youtube blendamercials at their own convenience and interact with the movie's creators. In fact, several of Blendtec's movies are created from viewer suggestions.

Blending even more of a stir are the actual costs involved. The only expense is creating the movie, not sharing it. As the economy mixes, stirs or frapp├ęs into a recession and businesses are looking to save on marketing expenditures, why not give Youtube a try instead of a traditional television commercial? You may be surprised what you blend up.

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