Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Devil Wears ...Creativity

I don't know how you expect Web 2.0 to react. There's nothing in this whole video closet that'll fit a luxury fashion brand. I can guarantee you. There is Obama Girl, Black Ninja Guy and little kids playing Guitar Hero. Can a luxury brand really be displayed between these Youtube legends? All right. Lets go ahead, take a risk and try something new.....

And valá ....Prada's creative Youtube movie illustrates how luxury brands can create awareness with new target audiences. The innovative movie reinforces the brand's allure and reaches potential consumers. ...But was the film's direction properly sized?

A reason Prada's movie has only received 100k views in 6 months (to date) and not gone viral (over one million views) is due to its abstract creativity. Creating a viral Youtube movie is similar to selling concert tickets. If your goal is to fill all of your seats, offer mainstream appeal that resonates with your target market. The average Youtube viewer is entertained by comedy, shock value and absurdity ...not aesthetic intrigue. Luxury brands that highlight lifestyle, glamor and functionality of product will have more success going viral (if that is your goal).

Recently, BMW posted the GINA Light Visionary Model movie on Youtube. The movie has already received 3 million views in a month, because it highlights the functionality and intrigue of a new product. Unless winning the Powerball becomes mainstream, the average Youtube viewer will never afford BMW's Gina Light Visionary. However the movie offers a taste of the good life. Consumers become engaged in the film, because they can imagine themselves in the car and are intrigued by the product's innovative features.

Prada's Youtube movie is a creative masterpiece, but its viral ability is limited due its abstract qualities. Luxury brands that highlight innovation, coolness and glamour will have more success going viral and creating more awareness for product. 

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