Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's driving your website traffic?

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Do you follow the Tila Tequila model or do you see the big picture?

Tila Tequila Model:
Tila Tequila became a celebrity figure after she accumulated a million friends on Myspace. Tequila's enormous Dunbar number solidified her popularity and paved the way for her own MTV show.

Everyday companies and brands mimic this marketing approach on social networks. From creating Facebook fan pages to adding Myspace friends, the "add me" marketing tactic is often the sole focus of a company's online marketing strategy.

See the big picture:
A high Dunbar number will increase a brand's authenticity and create website traffic, but it's also crucial to focus on search engine optimization. Whenever a search is conducted for topics related to your brand, you want your site on top of the results. The more related metadata content posted on your website or blog, the more likely your site will appear.

The strategy sounds basic, but you will be surprised how many brands concentrate on the "add me" strategy and neglect optimizing the content posted on their site.

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