Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A HOPEful Wink

(Sarah Palin by Tiner)

Last weekend, I attended a few athletic games. After watching Joe Six-Pack enjoy pregame festivities, I feel I saw an accurate barometer of the American mindset. Yes, humorous times are flowing, literally.

In a time of economic uncertainty, it's refreshing that we can resort to comedians to find refuge from reality. Recently, Tina Fey has received extensive media attention for imitating Sarah Palin. What a maverick! Her hilarious acts have put Saturday Night Live on top of the must watch barometer.

What's equally refreshing to Fey's entertaining antics, is following FakeSarahPalin on Twitter. Her daily tweets, ranging from "Teaching John the wink for tonight's debate. This isn't going well." to "3,857 Followers! That's half the number of constituents I had three years ago!," add fresh tundra air to the current economic situation. In the past 5 weeks, FakeSarahPalin has become one of Twitter's most popular users with over 6,300 followers to date.

As America moves closer to November 4, lets remind ourselves who we really need to guide our country for the next four years. I HOPE we make the right decision.

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