Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Create an Innovative Experience

Shopping for shoes? Visit Zappos.

Need a movie? Visit Netflix.

Window browse? Well, Amazon now has that covered. Continuing to innovate, Amazon.com recently launched Windowshop, an interactive store that allows consumers to casually browse bestselling novels, movies and video games. The site streams live audio clips of books and clips of movies and games. Each week new products debut on the site, which keep consumers regularly visiting for updates. Windowshop's innovative experience encourages gatekeepers to write about the site and feature it on websites, blogs and social media profiles.

As the internet becomes more interactive and the amount of websites continually grows, unique presentation becomes more important, especially for startups. Unique presentation encourages gatekeepers, including bloggers and social media users, to write about the site and share it with their friends.

Earlier this year, 200 Nipples, an apparel website offering limited edition t-shirts, debuted and caught gatekeeper's attention by storm. Shortly after its launch, 200 Nipples was featured on several blogs and websites, which gave the company valuable free PR and inbound traffic.

The chart below illustrates how the initial surge of free PR encouraged approximately 30K visitors to visit 200Nipples, which now averages 2,500 visitors a month. A retention rate of 6-8%.

As companies continually use new technology and launch unique business plans, it's critical to leverage gatekeepers' curiosity to increase traffic to the promoted site.

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