Monday, February 2, 2009

5 Memorable Superbowl Ads

(' CRISPIN featuring Alex Baldwin)

Television and computers influence mind? Who would have thought.

('s The Moose)

The moose is loose. Well, not for the time being.

(Ed McMahon's Cash4Gold)

Apparently, we really are in a recession when Ed McMahon and MC Hammer are pimping the Cash4Gold service. But before you think about cashing in your dental crowns, remember the service is only offering 17 cents on the dollar.

(Coca-Cola's Heist)

I thought this was one of the most visually stimulating and aesthetically creative advertisements of the night.

(Coke Zero with Steeler's Polamalu)

Coke's comical remake of the iconic 1980 "Mean Joe Greene" advertisement will be discussed for years to come.

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Mischa said...

Even though I'm not a really big American football fanatic, I do agree that these multi-million dollar 30 second long Superbowl Sunday adverts seem to transcend their "target audience". The earliest Superbowl I can remember is Superbowl XXX.
But on the recession-embattled Super Bowl XLIII, I do agree that the is one of the best financial company adverts. While Bank of America's misuse of American Taxpayer-sourced funds Super Bowl XLIII advert is probably the most controversial.