Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Coolest Job for 2009

Small Marketing Budget?

Lofty expectations?

No problem.

Although the global recession is evaporating marketing budgets across various industries, it does not have to affect creativity and results.

Recently, The Australian tourism board posted the Island Reef Job, a 6-month job living in North-Eastern Australia and blogging about the Great Barrier Reef. The evangelist job only requires 12 hours of work each month and pays 100,000 USD.



Feeding Fish? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, consider this short-term job more of a marketing opportunity for Australia. According to the website, the Island Reef Job received over 34,000 1-minute YouTube video applications.

Imagine having over 30,000 individuals post a video on YouTube that passionately describes your organization, company or brand. ...And then sharing the content with their friends to increase their chances of winning the contest, promotion or job application.

According to TargetCast, the average price of a prime-time network TV commercial is $122,133 USD, which only buys 30 seconds of air time. The Australian tourism board spent $20,000 less and passionately engaged a target audience of over 30,000 people. Additionally, the job application was featured on countless blogs, including Mashable, which created more buzz and interest for the promotion.

As marketing expectations often exceed fiscal budgets, combining creativity with social media may create the results your brand desires.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black History Month

As Black History Month concludes next week, it is interesting to reflect on how much society has changed since 1926.
  • Airwaves are filled by The Oprah Winfrey Show, the highest-rated talk show in the history of television.
  • Tiger Woods, Lebron James and Vladimir Guerrero dominate their respective professional sports.
  • Forest Whitaker, Jamie Foxx and Denzel Washington dazzle audiences with Oscar winning performances.
  • America has its first African American President.

When historian Carter G. Woodson founded "Negro History Week" in 1926 during the second week of February, he created an important event to bring awareness to black history. Woodson choose the second week of February, because it fell on the birthdays of former President Lincoln an abolitionist and former slave Fredrick Douglas. The event was created 61 years after the Thirteenth Amendment was added to the US Constitution and marked another significant leap forward.

Today, Black History Month signifies a month of remembrance for progress and for the celebration of the equal treatment of mankind. Society is truly no longer measured by the color of its skin, but by the color of its accomplishment.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Over a month ago on Facebook I was tagged in a friend's note called "25." The note stated 25 random facts about my friend. Additionally, she tagged 25 friends in the note and encouraged each of them to write 25 facts facts about themselves and repeat the process.

Since I was tagged in the first "25" note, I have read several more"25" notes in my friend's Facebook profiles. Thanks to the interview illusion theory, I feel that I know more about the writer. As I know more about a friend, I feel I have a closer understanding of that person and will be more comfortable the next time we spend time together.

As the network effect encourages more friends to write "25" notes, I keep imagining the marketing potential if this "25" campaign had been started by a brand. In January, Burger King launched a Facebook marketing campaign called "The Whopper Sacrifice," a Facebook application that awarded a coupon for a free hamburger if a person deleted 10 people from his or her friend's list. The campaign grilled over 234,000 friendships, before Facebook suspended the program, because "Burger King was sending notifications to the castoffs letting them know they’d been dropped for a sandwich (or, more accurately, a tenth of a sandwich)."

As more companies, brands and individuals utilize Facebook for marketing purposes, the successful campaigns will be the ones that strengthen the community and encourage friends to share the marketing effort on their own accord. ...And if you think outside the bun, be careful not to grill friendships for a short term result.

Below is my 25 Note.

26) I don't settle for the status quo.

25) My favorite concert was seeing The Rolling Stones perform on an airstrip in Switzerland.

24) I try to do one thing each day that scares me.

23) After spending four years living in New England, I learned that I enjoy visiting the snow but not living in it.

22) I aspire to publish a book.

21) I'm not related to other Tiner families. My last name was selected from a book, because my grandfather was born in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire and did not have one. He selected Tiner, when he was completing his undergraduate studies in France.

20) I've learned that you don't need to spend lots of money to have a memorable moment in life. Some of the most precious moments are created by opening up to your surroundings and enjoying the pleasures of life's simple things.

19) My uncle has taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life...

18) I conquered my fear of heights by skydiving.

17) I'm motivated by following passion, not money.

16) My favorite word is "Fika," which is Swedish for having a coffee with colleagues, friends, family or a date. I learned the word, while visiting a friend in Stockholm and since then I try to have a Fika each day.

15) I discovered that Rio De Janerio has the best sea food.

14) I realize my odds of being hit by lightening are greater then winning the lottery, but I still buy tickets every blue moon.

14) I can't drive a stick shift.

13) My heroes are my parents!

12) I've had close friends pass away and I try to continue their memory forward.

11) My Dad had a mustache for 24 years of my life ...and I'm slightly embarrassed that I still can't grow one after 25 years.

10) The hardest workout of my life was training with Hungary's National Water Polo Team in Budapest's Margaret Island.

9) I listen to the advice of my mentors.

8) My favorite artist is not one, but a combination of several: Chuck Close, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Ansel Adams, Jackson Pollock, Takashi Murakami, Shepard Fairley, Bill Ogden & Art Brewer.

7) I'm thankful for my small group of close friends and the ones that have been there for me through the good times and the tough times.

6) My favorite meal to cook is filet mignot, salmon and asparagus.

5) I don't believe everything happens for a reason. Somethings are simply out of our control and if everything does happen for a reason, sometimes we may never become aware of the reason.

4) After driving through the 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina and seeing the looting and devastation, I've learned that material possessions really don't matter. What's important is keeping family and friends safe and healthy.

3) I believe in building bridges, not fences.

2) Nothing is impossible. It's only a question of odds.

1) I try to live each day to the fullest.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Enjoy some photographs from a recent trip to Austria and Switzerland.

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Austria (C) Tiner)

(Switzerland (C) Tiner)

(Switzerland (C) Tiner)

(Switzerland (C) Tiner)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Medicine Balls & Beach Balls

"Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much."
-Blaise Pascal

In an era of short attention spans, it can be difficult to retain interest during a conversation, lecture or presentation. Frequently, the talker and the listener have to share common interest to have both parties engaged. Even when common interest is shared, a conversation can be too stimulating or too trivial and cause a person to loose interest.

In order to effectively engage and keep a conversation stimulating, communication should be balanced between passion and grace. Between medicine balls and beach balls.

If you only throw a medicine ball to someone, they will eventually become exhausted. If you only throw a beach ball, the novelty will fade and the person will not be challenged.

Similar to playing catch with different sizes of balls, communication should be balanced between medicine balls and beach balls. The balance will help stimulate and lightly engage a communicator and listener. ...And make sure the words "accomplish much."


(C) Tiner

(C) Tiner

(C) Tiner

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your Computer's Been Punked

What's the most effective banner advertisement of all time? How about one that requires you to manually remove it from your computer monitor.

Staged in BBDO's New York office, Frank Anselmo & Jayson Atienza "vandalized" 500 iMac screens by placing hand drawn graffiti over the monitor screens. Building security unlocked the building early on the summer morning so Anselmo and Atienza could place the acetate sheets over their coworker's computers. The prank was to promote kids day at work as each graffiti message had the tagline "Bring kids to work. Friday, August 24" written in the corner.

As consumers and even coworkers are bombarded with over 3,000 advertising messages and 5,000 branded messages a day, how are you going to separate your product, company, brand, or event from the herd? Yes, it requires thinking a little differently, but sometimes the most innovative ideas are the salmons that swim (or graffiti) against the current.

Monday, February 2, 2009


(O.J. Mayo by Tiner)

Surf City Marathon


Yesterday, I ran in the Surf City 1/2 marathon with my cousin and a few friends. I really enjoyed running in the event and seeing the enthusiasm of over 18,000 participants.

(Run for Mobility Wheel Chair)

Proceeds from the race benefited Run for Mobility, a nonprofit that donates wheel chairs constructed out of outdoor furniture and mountain bike wheels to the needy. The wheel chairs cost around $50 to construct and yesterday's event raised enough money to supply over 11,000 wheel chairs! Surf's up to that!

5 Memorable Superbowl Ads

(' CRISPIN featuring Alex Baldwin)

Television and computers influence mind? Who would have thought.

('s The Moose)

The moose is loose. Well, not for the time being.

(Ed McMahon's Cash4Gold)

Apparently, we really are in a recession when Ed McMahon and MC Hammer are pimping the Cash4Gold service. But before you think about cashing in your dental crowns, remember the service is only offering 17 cents on the dollar.

(Coca-Cola's Heist)

I thought this was one of the most visually stimulating and aesthetically creative advertisements of the night.

(Coke Zero with Steeler's Polamalu)

Coke's comical remake of the iconic 1980 "Mean Joe Greene" advertisement will be discussed for years to come.