Friday, April 25, 2008

Epic Art: American Currency = Monopoly Money

(A Contemporary Reflection of The American (C) Note, Epic Art)

(A Contemporary Reflection of The American (C) Note (Newport Beach, CA))

With light crude oil trading around $118 USD a barrel and the American dollar trading almost on par with the Australian and Canadian dollar (as of today), I'm using this time to reflect on the current state of the American economy.

I remember a time, when the American Dollar traded higher then the Euro and gasoline was under $1.00 USD a gallon. ...No, this was not the 1990s, this was only 6 years ago. I used to enjoy the "bargains" found in European countries and being able to fill up my gasoline tank in high school with only $20 USD.

...Now the tables have turned. We live in an era where venture capitalists have dramatically inflated the oil futures market (light crude oil traded at less then $70 USD a barrel a year ago) (see oil futures chart). ...And Europeans are now enjoying the "bargains" found in America. ...Even America's northern neighbors are enjoying incredible purchasing power in the States. ...How "abut" that?

This stylized art piece of Monopoly Money is a symbolic metaphor for the current state of the American (C) Note. The piece was installed in the heart of Newport Beach, CA, near the 405 Interstate. The goal is to challenge people's thinking on their work commute they go off to earn more American "monopoly" dollars.

I hope that whatever candidate wins the 2008 election, he or she helps to strengthen our currency and reconstruct "relationship" bridges with other countries.

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