Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kalil: Forward-Thinking

(Kalil, Stylized Portrait by Tiner).

About two years ago, I had the unique opportunity to meet the USC football team after they defeated Stanford. I really enjoyed meeting all of the players and am very grateful for my close friend to arrange it. It was a really exciting era for USC, as the football team was pursuing the illustrious "Three-Pete" and two Heisman winners were playing at the same time.

One of the players who I really enjoyed meeting was Ryan Kalil. His personality on and off the field is a true testament to his leadership and genuineness.

It's really amazing to think what a difference two years can make. At the time I met the team, I was a senior at Brown and Kalil was still a USC undergraduate. Now, Kalil is playing in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers and ironically I'm a USC graduate student.

I wish Kalil the best of luck in the NFL and with his future endeavors off the field.

(Kalil & Tiner).

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