Monday, May 19, 2008

Michelle Williams: Moving Forward

(Huntington Beach, photograph (C) Tiner/Epic Arts LLC)

"Dear God, make me a bird.
So I can fly far.
Far far away from here."

-Forest Gump The Movie

Escape! Immediately after my brother passed away, I wanted to fly far far way. I wanted to escape the immediate pain of his memory and daily reminder of absence. For awhile, I did fly way. I ran, painted and continued going to college 3000 miles away from home ....all as a method to be a bird and fly away from the pain. ...far far away.

Slowly, I learned that you cannot escape the pain of grief. ...Even with 6'5" wings ;). ...Eventually, your wings get tired and you cannot fly away forever. Overtime, I slowed down and allowed myself to grieve the loss of Mark. As painful as it was made me more of a complete person and now the pain of his death is replaced by remembering the happiness of his life and continuing his memory through others.

In the same way that I grieved the loss of my brother, Michelle Williams is coping with the loss of her boyfriend, Keath Ledger. Despite the constant memory of his absence via the media, Williams is moving forward and recently opened the movie, Deception. I enjoyed her performance in the movie and am glad that she is continuing Keath's memory and also moving forward with her life.

(Michelle Williams, Stylized Portrait by Tiner).

Although each loss is different ..It's the community's responsibility to help nurture the injured wings and allow people to heal properly. ...Sometimes it's with a phone call, sharing a meal, a prayer or simply giving the other person space and allowing them to feel "normal" again.

My thoughts are with Michelle Williams, the Ledger family and anyone else enduring the loss of a loved one.

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Danny Bowers said...

Dude i know that feeling. I loss my brother (at age 22) 2 years ago. you follow me on twitter and here is my blog