Thursday, July 31, 2008

Largest Race Ever?

From Seoul to Los Angeles, Nike is promoting the largest running event ever. On August 31, runners in 25 cities will participate in Nike+'s 10K Human Race, which will globally connect athletes and celebrate the sport. Nike ambitiously desires to have 1 million people run in the event.

Proceeds from the global event will benefit the World World Foundation, Lance Armstrong Foundation and To encourage participation, top musical artists, including Kayne West, Ben Harper and The All-American Rejects will perform after the race.

Are you ready?

Will Nike's brand promotion cross the finish line for reaching the most people ever?

Nike's Key Marketing Elements:
1) You+Me: Nike's ability to inspire athletes of ALL skill levels, ethnicities and economic backgrounds, which encourages active participation in the brand.

2) Glocal: Global integrated promotion and local participation. Ten years ago, globalization was a term reserved for academia, now "think global. act local." is a brand-building cliché.

3) Pay-it-Forward: Donating the race's proceeds to charity. Cause-related marketing is the corporate trend this decade, right?

4) Motivation: Free musical concert and party after the race, a stronger motivator then loosing 800 calories and drinking free Gatorade.

5) Endorsement: Participation of the world's top musical and athletic talent. Race against Lance Armstrong in Austin? Touch the sky with Kayne in Los Angeles? Who wouldn't pass that up?

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