Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quality vs. Quantity

Yes, it's exciting to receive a million hits on a quirky website or video, but is that Internet traffic sustainable? Contrarily you can write a prolific poem, but will it move anyone if it stays in your personal journal?

As the Internet continues to evolve and companies, individuals and brands are looking to position themselves, the battle of quality vs. quantity comes down to goals. If you are simply looking to create awareness and knowledge for your brand or self, take the quirky approach. In 2004, this strategy paid huge dividends for Burger King with the launch of the Subservient Chicken. The website received millions of hits as the fascination with the dancing chicken grew. The chicken laid a big buzz egg for Burger King and marketers still discuss its impact.

If your goal is to receive repeat visitors, then quality wins the battle. Dave Winer and Seth Godin follow this strategy with their blogs. They provide insight into their professionally fields, have thousands of weekly readers and continually make the lists of influential Internet personas. The quality of their content continually quenches readers thirst, year after year.

Leave it to South Park to remind us about the short shelf life of quirky Internet videos. Quirkiness will always generate buzz, but if your real goal is to have repeat visitors ...then quality wins the battle.

Lessons from the Trenches
I learned this battle with my portraits. I originally created 50 portraits of my friends and posted the artwork on Facebook. Then, I created another 50 and even another 50 of siblings. Now, I focus more time on each portrait. Not only is my artwork refined, but this blog's Internet traffic continually remains high.

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