Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lets go viral

Phelps may have won 8 Olympic gold medals this summer, but can he walk on water? The Iphone is slick, but does its packaging include a fireworks display? Incubating the subservient chicken's egg, Electronic Arts and Samsung are hatching viral results with recent social media marketing.

Instead of taking a passenger's seat and allowing a fan to drive home the last laugh, Electronic Arts posted a witty response to a programming glitch and portrayed the real Tiger walking on water. EA's rebuttal illustrates the importance of companies listening and actively engaging in the conversation ...and if there is a problem with a product or service, address it with a positive and humorous response.

Samsong's Omnia (i900) Unboxing Movie blurs the line of user authenticity with special effects and creativity. The Iphone may be the coolest mobile phone, but the battle for coolest marketing is up for grabs.

Although the industry, company size or product can vary, constructively engaging in social media positions brands ahead of the competition.

It's all about: Listening - Engaging - Authenticity - Humor - Creativity

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The Management said...

Both of these are great ads, but they don't address key issues with the product - i.e. that there actually is a glitch in the game and that the Omnia is trying to be the iPhone but failing.